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Your future as a representative of the European Internet Marketing Academy and Institute (EIMIA) in your country​

Nachhaltigkeit und Umwelt

The Situation

The digitalization of every industry is moving at the speed of light. Many companies are struggling with changes in their business model, their markets and their customers as well as with Digital Disruption like start-ups acting as disruptors and big player companies reinventing entire industries like AMAZON or ALIBABA. Digital Transformation internally is changing the way of how we work, how we need to reorganize teams, and efficiently perform a change to collaboration culture.

We did a lot of research on how companies cope with these new challenges. Sanjay Sauldie, the president of the GIMIA, studied at different Universities like the University of Maryland, Northwestern University, University of Salford, and the MIT Sloan Business School.  Here he gained knowledge about the real secrets of the winners in the digital world and also, why companies fail in the new arena.

The Result

Knowledge, understanding, and implementation in the Brave New (Digital) World are the key competencies for any company that wants to survive and profit from the new challenges of the digital world.

In today’s world, anybody can create content on the web – with more or less worthy quality. We analyzed the content of videos at online learning portals like Udemy. Many contradictory contents were found there – as anybody with a video camera could upload their content there. On the one hand, our customers liked the digital way of gaining knowledge and online learning. On the other hand, our customers missed the possibility of somebody taking their hands and leading them as a good friend through the perils of digitalization.

Watching a video on how to cook, putting make-up on the face, or following an instruction to build something is easy. You can do it yourself – and especially if something goes wrong, the impact is not that crucial – you can start from scratch again.

To implement a successful digital strategy to a complete business environment that is mostly quite complex is much more than just watching videos. Nobody is willing to risk the future of one’s company just by following the advice of somebody anonymous – and finding contradictory content some clicks later. Who can decide whom to trust?

On the one side, businesses can try to collect know-how from the vast ocean of the world wide web and then try to cluster them into usable chunks. Experience shows that it is very time-consuming and leads to content clustered like a huge puzzle. All the businesses we asked had to the problem on how to integrate all the knowledge that is available in the company itself and on the web to an implementable stabile strategy.

Just having the information and the understanding is worthless, if the implementation is missing. So we decided to create something unique, something with great value for our customers and something that will be part of the digital future in every county. 

How to become a representative?

We are looking for a representative in your country. Your main task is to connect with businesses, offer them the EIMIA Services, and participate in all the earnings coming from your efforts. It is perfect for people who have a great pool of contacts. If you do not have a lot of contacts, with our services and our sales strategy, you soon will!

To participate as a representative, you do not need to have much knowledge about Digitalization, as we are going to cover all these topics for you. You need some skills in time management, contact management, networking basics, and be very interested in connecting with business people. If you are a speaker, a trainer or a business owner yourself – being a representative needs a minimum of three days a month to gain you a fair monthly earning. If you can spare more time or activate more contacts, your revenue will grow very fast.

We will show you personally and develop an individual strategy for your country – you are never left alone! You do not need to invest any money as we are not looking for investors like many other companies do! We have been very profitable in the last years and now want to expand our EIMIA business to your country!

We are looking for talents that want to earn money and live a meaningful life in a tribe that helps each other to succeed. We go beyond gender, age, experience, or your life history. The only skill we need is that you are ready to learn and perform – everything else we will learn in the EIMIA Online Community!

If you are interested in participating in the Digital Development of your country and making a significant difference for yourself, your environment, your business, and your country, get in touch with us today. Please register here for free. You will then receive the complete business model and all the information concerning the business model. We will have a video conference to talk about all the details as soon as possible!

Make 2020 your great digital business breakthrough year!

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