Tips and Best Practices for Disruptive Marketing

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Bot Ideas and Tips


  • Reach out to the user on your sales page. Engage with them while they’re shopping to suggest an item.Point out a money-saving upsell or cross sell. This can help build a relationship because they feel they have a “friend” with them.


  • Make sure your content is relevant. This is critical. It’s only “disruptive” if it is engaging with the consumer and it’s relevant to the experience and the user.


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    • Test the bot multiple times after you think it’s ready. This will help you to catch inconsistencies or poor phrasing and fix things before customers ever use it.


    • Keep it short and simple. Make sure the answers your bot gives users are instant, relevant, and brief.


    • Decide how you will use the bot. Keep it simple when you start. As you modify andtest the simplest use-case, you can add other features or bots as you grow.


    • Bots have limits. Don’t think you’re going to replace your customer support team. In fact, your team may need additional training regarding the bot and updated instructions regarding standard operating procedures.


    • Create goals for the bots and your business. Identify the bot’s purpose. Decide what analytics you’ll use to track bot success.


    • Use a short welcome message to let visitors know they are using your bot, and not a live support person.


    • Personalize the communication between your customers/audience and your bot.


    • Supply a ‘quick response’ to enable potential customers to cut to the chase and get the detailed info they need from a live customer support person.


    • Provide adequate navigation to “go back” or skip to another menu, etc. Giving them the tools needed to change ‘directions’ when a thought occurs, gives them more control of the shopping/buying process providing a better experience.


    • When using quick responses add emoji where you can. This makes the experience more fun and enjoyable.



    Personalization Ideas and Tips


    • Personalize as much as possible by using the user’s name. In addition, personalize ads, emails, and even the call to action, based on what previously worked well with the individual.


    • Use automation tools to make sure personalized messages are delivered tointerested people by factoring in past buys and click-throughs.


    • Create and use personas to tailor your products, services, offers, messages, and other items, which are based on their personalities, values, habits, etc.


    • Make sure you spend time interacting with your followers and customers in a variety of ways to get to know them better. Doing this in real time always makes your relationship more personal and meaningful.


    • Personalize targeted landing pages by modifying aspects of the page to personalize the greeting name, persona, or incorporate the buying cycle stage.


    • In everything you do, incorporate an element of humor that is related to commonly shared experiences and niche topics. Sharing laughter and life eventscan turn strangers into friends.


    • When sending a message to your subscribers, personalize the greeting with the individual’s name, as well as your personal signature lines, rather than only adding your company name. (Hint: You can’t be a friend of an entire company.)


    • Be sure to track and analyze your data after you send an email or notification. Make note of the actions they take after reading your messages. These statistics can help you decide what you should offer, suggest, or in general, do to personalize their reading or buying experiences. Use the data to give individuals more of what they already want.


    • You can’t get more up-close and personal than when you show appreciation for something a subscriber or visitor did to help or promote you.Look for a reason to do something nice for people in your target market. If they weren’t a subscriber before, it won’t take long for you to make that conversion.


    • Occasionally, send a personal message to a person or group, asking for input or recommendations on a specific topic. This helps to grow your friendship and trust level, for each of you.






    Segmentation Ideas and Tips


    • Use a full-feature autoresponder that offers segmentation as well as other elements that make it easy to meet your business goals, as well as cater to the needs of your subscribers. Two popular options are AWeber and MailChimp.


    • Celebrate and acknowledge differences in your target market. Segment your main target market into sub-segments, which consider specific interests, needs, circumstances, etc., of your market’s subsets.


    • Create a persona for each target market subset. When emailing that segment, incorporate one of their “interests” in the introduction or lead up to the specialized information or offer you are mailing about.


    • Implement automation tools to trigger lead-nurturing campaigns based on topic interest and provides or directs them to related information, as well as adds them to a list that is based on that interest.


    • Segment your main list into sub-segments based on the average activity level, such as open rate, click-through rate, MIA or inactivity rate, etc.


    • Track and segment by opt-in frequency. Did they opt-in for one or multiple offers? This will give you an idea of who can’t wait to get their hands on the next lead magnet. This also helps cut down on the frustration level for those who don’t want to hear about new lead magnets.


    • Keep track of subscriber and customer format preferences for product or offers. Everyone’s learning style is different.Segmenting your list based on preferred learning modalities (formats) will help you identify when to create multiple format versions for a product.


    • Identify and segment your list according to their purchase frequency. If you have a recurring membership, also segment by length of time in the membership. This helps you reward loyal or new customers, among other groups.


    • Track and segment your list by the type of device used to interact with your email, your shopping cart, and your website, among other online properties. The type of device used will help you plan for future growth and needed features.


    • Follow subscribers’ and customers’ progress by segmenting by skill or knowledge level. This opens the door for many opportunities you can provide to each level. Plus, you can help them celebrate milestones.




    Social Proof Tips and Ideas


    • Incorporate these 6 social proof sources to meet your readers’ needs and provide them with the social proof that holds the most weight with them. The sources include customers, experts, celebrities, crowds, friends, and certifications.


    • Use technology, such as plugins, to display real-time statisticsfor a variety of social proof such as customer testimonials, shares, buys, reviews, etc.


    • Place customer testimonials in prominent places on your website, such as in the sidebar or at the bottom of the sales page.


    • Use earned media reviews and ratings from a variety of reliable sites by importing or linking to the site to show your results. There are plugins to help with this if you have a WordPress site. Look for Review or Ratings plugins in the plugin repository. For example, look for one of the Yelp plugins. Be sure to research plugins carefully and thoroughly.


    • Search your list of connections to find an expert related to the specific product or service. Ask them to review the item or do an interview with you regarding the problem that prompted you to create the solution.


    • Celebrity endorsements may be very rare. However, thought leaders and authorities in your niche may be willing to write up something for you or comment on a related post or even on the sales page, if you have a good rapport with them.


    • If you have been in business for years or have a “crowd” of people who have used your product, service, or free solution, leverage the power of the crowd. For example,300,000 happy website ownersprofit from [plugin name].


    • Name drop. Friends’ recommendations and opinions hold a lot of weight. Announce how many of their friends like or have used, downloaded, bought, etc., one of your items. Ex. 75 of your friends like [product, brand, or business name].


    • Use logos to spotlight your high-profile customer base, as well as relevant media mentions. The logo recognition will add credibility and trust for your business.


    • Social proof helps to establish trust. With security being a major concern, adding trusted security seals such as Norton, BBB, and Comodo, can reassure visitors and customers, alike, while boosting your authority and professionalism.






    Quiz / Survey Tips and Ideas


    • Thoroughly define the survey goal, purpose, how you’ll use data, what you hope to change.


    • Keep a running list of things that you’d like to know about your broad target market and more specifically, your audience, subscribers, buyers, etc.


    • Make surveys short, focused on one objective, rather than asking questions about many different things. Stick to questions directly related to your objective.


    • Use multiple-choice questions but also provide a small “comment” section after the question where the reader can optional details. This additional info can give you more in-depth information and insights t


    • When asking open-ended questions, be direct and to the point about what you want to know. For example, if you want to know what features they want, ask it like that. Don’t ask a fuzzy question like, “how can we improve the product?”


    • Offer an incentive for completing a survey or quiz. It can increase response rates by 50% but it also shows the recipient that you value them and their time.


    • Create a survey for Demographic Segmentation based on personal or family-based information such as income, age range, gender, race, education level, marital status, family size (children), pets, occupation, among other things.


    • Create a survey for Geographic Segmentation including the country, state, regional area, urban or rural area, their climate, style of home, etc.


    • Create a survey for Psychographic Segmentation based on lifestyle, attitudes, emotional motivations, values, habits, and opinions.


    • Create a survey for Behavioral Segmentation based on how customers interact with your product or service including how often they buy, as well as where they buy, and whether the purchase is seen as a necessity or luxury item.


    • Create several surveys for departments or employees/team members including career training and development, personnelbenefits and remuneration,job satisfaction, satisfaction with company,manager effectiveness, etc.


    Create additional surveys for each group of people that play a part in your business such as affiliates, joint venture partners, etc.

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