The website is now the cornerstone of any digital strategy, so it is important for decision makers to analyze the effectiveness of the website and understand the final result in order to make the right decisions. Sanjay Sauldie will guide you on your way to optimizing your website.

WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE: You can discuss the analysis with him online and get advice and guidance on how to optimize your website.

You are probably already using an analysis tool such as Google Analytics or Matomo. These tools are very important because they tell you what a visitor does when they visit your website.

For a successful strategy, however, it is important to know how you can bring more visitors to your website, what you need to optimize and what has already been optimized.

You should also keep an eye on your fellow competitors. All this is not possible with Google Analytics and Matomo. This is exactly what the iROI website analysis tool is used for, because it not only evaluates your website, but gives you insight directly how you can improve your website and what you have to do in which sequence to become more visible in Google. Therefore the tools of Google and Matoma complement each other ideally with the iROI website analysis tool.

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I will help you to interpret your individual website analysis online:
Sanjay Sauldie was born in India, grew up in Germany, studied mathematics and computer science at the University of Cologne, and received his Master of Sciences (M.SC.) on Digital Disruption and Digital Transformation applied to Porter’s Five Forces. He learned the MIT method of Design Thinking at EMERITUS (Singapore) and Organizational Leadership & High Performance Collaboration at Northwestern University (Chicago, USA). At the MIT Sloan Management School (Cambridge, USA) with getsmarter he developed TRANSRUPTION as a digital strategy in his final thesis. As President of the European Internet Marketing Institute & Academy EIMIA he is one of the most sought-after experts on digitisation because he can explain the complex world of digitisation in easy words understandable for everyone.

This audit of your website is updated online every Sunday so that you have all the facts and figures at your fingertips every Monday morning. For example, as soon as you improve something on your website, you will see this in the audit results. You will be given an account and can then access your reports from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. All we need from you is your website address, your keywords and the websites of your fellow competitors. So you can improve your website and see your progress increase from week to week with your profits.

The Basic Website Analysis and the VIP Website Analysis are billed monthly in advance. You can also take advantage of our annual packages, for which you will receive access to the reports for 12 months, but only invest 10 months – so you save 2 months in total!

Difference between BASIC and PRO-ANALYSIS:

Basic contains:

  • Website Audit: The Website Audit tool checks your web pages for errors that have a negative impact on the ranking of your website in search engines. If you fix these issues, your pages will receive a higher search engine ranking. It also improves the experience for your website visitors. The elements found are divided into errors (critical), warnings (important, but not critical) and hints (not critical).

The VIP analysis contains the following modules besides the BASIC:

The ranking checker reviews the positions of your website for keywords in Google, Google Mobile and Bing. Compare your rankings with those of your competitors. You can check any keyword, in any country, from any location. The rankings are monitored and updated daily. The Ranking Checker gives you detailed insights into the search engine positioning of your websites. You will get the current position, diagrams of your ranking history and how you can improve your positions to attract visitors from your desired audience.

Link analysis: The links that point to a website are one of the most important factors in the placement algorithms of Google and other search engines. Good links give websites a ranking boost. Too many bad links can lead to a severe penalty. A good link structure is very important if you want to achieve high rankings on Google. The link analysis enables you to detect and optimize the link structures of your website. Gain detailed insights into the links of any website and use this information to improve the link structure of your own website.

The visitor analysis allows you to view your own traffic statistics and those of your competitors: Compare the key performance indicators of different competitors! How many visitors do your competitors' websites receive? Do these visitors come via ads on other websites? Do your competitors receive visitors from social websites? The visitor analysis can answer these questions.

If your website is unreachable, you will lose customers and money. The availability checker ensures that downtime is kept to a minimum. With the Accessibility Checker you can monitor desktop and mobile sites in one project.

If you know what is working for your competitors, you can save a lot of time because trial and error is not required. Learn how to get the most out of your rankings and benefit from the work of your competitors. Find out which pages of your competitors have the highest rankings. You will also see which pages get the most traffic. Analyze the content of your competitors' websites and then improve the content of your own websites. Comparing your own data with those of your competitors will help you develop a better website promotion strategy. You will also get an overview of the websites that compete with you for the same keywords, and detailed information about each of your competitor.

and much more! Due to our reliability our customers are longtime fans of the iROI website analysis.

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