Unparalleled in the world: Certified Online-Course for TRANSRUPTION®: Implement digitization strategically instead of experimenting without a plan

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Sanjay Sauldie, the President of the European Internet Marketing Institute in Mannheim (eimia®), has developed the TRANSRUPTION® in his final thesis at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). With the TRANSRUPTION®, companies can expand their strategic positioning on the market and continue to exist in the age of digitalization in the long run. The webinar will give you this overview and guide you successfully through the Digital TRANSformation and Digital DisRUPTION (= strategy of TRANSRUPTION). It will also show you ways to optimally link all 24 key technologies in order to reach your goals faster, more successfully and also more economically.


  • A maximum number of 30 participants in order to have time for all your questions – no mass attendance as is the case with many other Webinar offers! We want you to get valuable inputs!
  • At the end of the webinar, you will receive a certificate of participation from the EUROPEAN INTERNET MARKETING INSTITUTE & ACADEMY (e.g. perfect for your CV!)


incl. VAT


TRANSRUPTION-WebinarsStockPriceAdd to Cart
26.05.20: 3pm-5pm - GMT BerlinSeats left/Freie Sitze: 529,90 
09.06.20: 3pm-5m - GMT BerlinSeats left/Freie Sitze: 829,90 
23.06.20: 3pm-5pm - GMT BerlinSeats left/Freie Sitze: 2629,90 

Learn from one of the best digital experts with over 400 customers:

“Sanjay Sauldie is an internationally recognized and distinguished speaker, visionary and experienced practitioner! (Interview at WDR West German Television)

Transruption is a strategy that does not just focus on one key technology, but combines the individual components of digitisation in a new way. In our Transruption webinar, you will find out which technologies make sense for you and how their combination can help you overtake all your competitors and emerge as the winner from digitization.

Sanjay Sauldie, born in India, raised in Germany, studied Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Cologne, received his Master of Sciences (M.SC.) on Digital Disruption and Digital Transformation applied to Porter’s Five Forces. He learned the MIT method of Design Thinking at EMERITUS (Singapore) and Organizational Leadership & High-Performance Collaboration at Northwestern University (Chicago, USA). At the MIT Sloan Management School (Cambridge, USA) with get smarter he developed TRANSRUPTION as a digital strategy in his final thesis. As President of the European Internet Marketing Institute & Academy EIMIA, he is one of the most sought-after experts on digitisation because he explains the complex world of digitisation in simple words understandable for everyone.

Due to the regional lockdown regulations of CORONA, almost all entrepreneurs are forced to stop their operations for the time being or to continue them only to a limited extent. The declining revenues and the resulting negative consequences force us entrepreneurs to think things over and act quickly so that we can steer our business through the current crisis. In order to remain highly visible to customers, an active digitalisation offensive is extremely important. But without a strategy, the investment will not pay off. In this webinar, you will learn how to best position your company to benefit from the new digital environment.

target group:
The offer is aimed at all those who want to gain a comprehensive insight into the diverse topics of TRANSRUPTION in a practical way and understand the interrelationships in order to implement them profitably in their own company.

What you can do better after the webinar:
It is important for the post-crisis period that you as a decision-maker have a broad overview of the most diverse technologies and methods that are or could be important for improving your products and services. Only if you have this strategic overview and check again and again in which areas particular changes are currently taking place can you as a decision-maker act quickly and in a goal-oriented manner.

Many changes of mind, motivation and immediately applicable knowledge

The developer of TRANSRUPTION himself explains clearly and understandably for everyone without any technical jargon, among other things, the connections of the following topics in only one webinar:

3D Printing, Automation, Big Data-Smart Data, Blockchain, Crowdfunding & Finance, Cybercrime & Security, Digital Branding, Digital Leadership, Digital Disruption, Digital Society, Digital Marketplaces, Digital Transformation, Digital Marketing, Digital Law, Drone Technology, eCommerce, HR, Work & Teams 4.0, Industry & Factory 4.0, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Sustainability & Environment 4.0, Nanotechnology, Robots, Virtual & Augmented Reality.

Detailed procedure:

  • Test the application of ZOOM on your device in advance! Here you can test this directly!
  • Almost like in a face-to-face seminar: You see the PowerPoint and the speaker! You can communicate with the speaker or other participants – all without travel expenses and with high flexibility!

Technical requirements for zoom:

  • Computer or mobile device with loudspeakers (alternative: headphones)
  • stable Internet connection
  • microphone (audio): not required
  • Webcam (Video): not required
  • Zoom Client Software: free of charge, only 1 link without password
    – Is installed before entering the virtual seminar room, provided you have the necessary rights on the device.
    – Alternatively, it is possible to participate in the seminar via a browser only: in this case Google Chrome must be installed as the browser!

Do not miss the event if you live in a different time zone: Simply click 24 or AM/PM to update:

Time Converter

TRANSRUPTION-WebinarsStockPriceAdd to Cart
26.05.20: 3pm-5pm - GMT BerlinSeats left/Freie Sitze: 529,90 
09.06.20: 3pm-5m - GMT BerlinSeats left/Freie Sitze: 829,90 
23.06.20: 3pm-5pm - GMT BerlinSeats left/Freie Sitze: 2629,90 

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09.06.20: 3pm-5m – GMT Berlin, 23.06.20: 3pm-5pm – GMT Berlin, 26.05.20: 3pm-5pm – GMT Berlin

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