Welcome to the EIMIA Community for Future Digital Leaders

Follow these simple steps to join our digital journey for free!


After you have logged in to the portal, you will get to the activity stream. Here you can see the latest posts in the left column. In the middle the news feed and on the right other members.


In the left column below the eimia logo you will see “Groups”. By clicking on “Groups” you get an overview of the currently available groups. With a further click on “Request Access” you apply for inclusion in this group.


Go to another member’s profile. You will see “connect”. With a click on this button you make a request to the member whether he / she would like to connect with you.


You can like or document everything you see in the activity stream:

Visit the web site https://eimia.academy/register and register.

You will then receive a message that you must confirm your email:

Check your email account and confirm the link contained in the eimia.academy email. It may take some time for you to receive this activation email.

After clicking on the activation link you will see the following view:

Click on Activate to complete the registration.

You can now log in with your login data:

You can customize your profile and choose a cover and profile photo. To do this, select your profile and click on “Edit Profile”. You will then be offered upload options for both images.


Click on “All Courses”. You will then receive an overview of all eimia courses available online.


There is a course preview for each course. To do this, select one of the courses. You will then receive a detailed view of the course and you can use the course preview.


“Not Enrolled” means that you have not yet acquired this course. If you want to buy this course click on “Take this course”.

After clicking on the “Take this course” button, you go through a standard internet shop order. Then this course is available in your account.

Open your account and select “Details” in the left bar and then “Affiliate”:

Under “Profiles” you can see your “? Ref number”.

Then call up the product you would like to advertise on your website and put your “? Ref number” behind it.



Just hang on to it: ?ref=47


And you start earning!

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