Exclusive and unique worldwide: The 7 steps of digital marketing in one strategy. This strategy has received multiple awards because it has been proven to help companies achieve their digital goals.

The iROI (internet return on invest) strategy was developed by Sanjay Sauldie during his research work, successfully applied to over 300 small and mediums sized companies and recognized internationally and nationally. Regardless of whether you are a start-up, a small or medium-sized company or a global corporation: With this strategy, you can quickly and reliably carry out all the necessary steps in your company to dominate your industry.

Digital marketing with a proven strategy instead of guesswork

Before you randomly give any agency the order for your digital marketing, it would be vital to gather neutral information about your opportunities. Only then can you decide what makes sense for your industry and your company. Only then you should hire an agency, because then you know what you require and especially what you don’t need and maybe many things can already be solved in your company. In this way you will save a lot of money instead of burning money with expensive experiments. 

My goal is to help you build in-house knowledge about digital marketing. All essential elements of the iROi strategy are summarized in comprehensible 7 main steps, which in turn are divided into sub-steps. 

These 7 steps of the iROI strategy are finely tuned to each other and serve to give a company the appropriate direction.All steps begin with the 3 letters KON, therefore one often speaks of the 7 cons of the iROI strategy. With these 7 Cons each company can create optimal organisation in the team and reach desired results faster.


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At the very beginning, all team members in the company must develop a basic understanding of digital marketing, otherwise all follow-up projects will fail due to lack of knowledge and collaboration. The goal is to get all team members involved to agree on a common strategy. Not to know does not protect against punishment - usually this "punishment" takes place in the shape of wasting money. Especially when digital tasks without sense and reason are simply outsourced to external parties without knowing the real connections in advance. Blindly trusting an agency that only wants to sell its services is no longer appropriate.

All projects must be based on key figures, otherwise projects are launched that cannot be measured or assessed. That wastes money and resources. Conversion with different funnels enables control over the goals.

The customer is the focus of attention - and the conversation begins with the customer - outside of the corporate world. Then all digital marketing measures are specified in order to optimise the communication with the customers.

With the knowledge from internal company sources and customer needs, new models, procedures, products, processes and services are looked at with self-confidence and then integrated and anchored in the corporate culture and digital marketing.

To be really successful, it will be very important for companies to involve all generations in digital marketing. The experience of the older generation and the youthfulness of the new generation together form a very powerful force for the optimum effect of all digital marketing campaigns. In addition, the digital IQ of the entire team is increased.

In adapting to the new markets, even conflicting ideas and projects have to be launched, because they protect the company from operational blindness. The previous steps have prepared the ground of challenging traditional ways of thinking and exploring new paths in digital marketing.

The integration of online and offline makes a company a digital success story. In this phase, all digital elements are connected to the analogue world, thus enabling a seamless experience for customers.

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Your digital success in three simple iROI® steps:

Please contact us now if you would like to implement this successful strategy in your company. I will help you to achieve the optimum for your company by supporting you in your process. My experience, my scientific background as well as my practice-oriented execution will bring you faster to your goals. I look forward to hearing from you.

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    In a kick-off meeting at your location, the iROI® strategy will be presented to your team, with whom you will be able to coordinate all of your important digital marketing steps.

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    After the kick-off meeting, project supervision can take place personally, in which you and your team will be supported in the area of digitization for a specified time. The goal is to include all departments of your company in digitization and to coordinate them optimally, which saves time and money.

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