All our strategies are based on science & research. Gindire studies your company and provides a neutral analysis of your digital challenges. This includes our own research as well as results from respected sources.

The Internet has increasingly become a place of “fake news” and hardly any industry can protect itself from false messages. Relying on false information and then making business decisions can be very dangerous. This is why GINDIRE – The Global Institute for Digital Research was founded. The focus is on researching concrete and reliable information about digitisation itself as well as gathering valuable information from trustable sources. Only in such a way decisions can be made based on provable evidence – something our clients appreciate very much.

Scientific research instead of speculation in digitalisation

What I have learned in my 25 years of experience as a coach and consultant is that the key elements of any digital strategy are built on two procedures: data and consumer research. The data speaks for itself because it allows us to understand in concrete terms what efforts have been successful in the past, and only then can we make a meaningful comparison with our new initiatives.

How do you know where customers spend their time, what drives them to buy and what is really important to them? The answer is consumer research. Consumer research removes the assumptions we have about what consumers want from our company.

Pure numbers are initially beneficial, but who will interpret them for you? This is where we come in and help you to make the right human interpretation and decisions on the basis of the data. Artificial intelligence assists us in recognizing patterns and, for example, identifying behavior. But what it means for your industry in your specific company, we can clarify for you based on our experience with human customers.

Who will be purchasing your product? Who are your potential customers? How often will they buy the product? What do these individuals require? What do these people want, what do they demand, what do they expect?
The better answers you get, the more you will be able to understand your target group or buyer persona. This will enable you to respond directly to existing customer wishes better than your competitors.

Market research helps you to create a comprehensive profile of your ideal customer. When you understand your target customers better, you can determine the scale of the market and the incentives to sell to them. You will gain valuable information such as age, location, gender and income, which will help you to create effective and appropriate marketing and pricing campaigns.

Especially digital disruptors (start-ups), competitors or newcomers from outside the industry can take away your customers and market shares from you. This is because these companies have done the necessary research. And now you have to do the same if you want to stay in the game.

Market research will help you identify the digital challengers early enough to identify the key players and those on the rise. It will also help you find the weaknesses in your competitor's approach and learn from them. These are loopholes that you can use to attract more customers. You can also learn what works well for your competition. In return, you can think even more creatively when designing your own strategy. Learning as much as possible about and from competing companies will be critical to business success.

These tests are a very important part of the learning process before launching a product or service to the market. Every business decision should be tested before it is presented to its target audience. If you test your idea or product for the market, you save additional costs and above all avoid taking a high risk.
You can never be 100% sure that your product will be successful with your future customer. However, market research will help you to find out how to promote the product in order to reduce this risk as much as possible.


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    The gindire® research results will be presented and interpreted to you and your team in a kick-off meeting on site or by video conference, so that you are able to coordinate all of your important next digital steps.

    On the digital path, we support you in anchoring the newly gained insights in your digital strategy. In addition, it is possible to regularly check whether the results have improved and whether you have come closer to your goals.

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