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You are planning a major or strategic project, but are challenged by not being able to access enough resources with the right skills and experience? Did you unexpectedly lose a leading executive and urgently have to fill the team gap?

Do you feel a lack of an objective, neutral point of view or opinion, new power, a vision, a sense of enthusiasm or external experience?

Do you need someone to act in your best interest and communicate some of the less popular decisions to get the skeletons out of the closet and tidy up so that you can focus on the company’s strategic direction and growth?

How to make your digitization strategy extremely successful!

Many companies are already in the middle of the digital transition or are preparing for it. Often staff members are given the task of driving the digital changes forward. This makes a lot of sense and is highly recommended, as these employees know the internal processes, responsibilities and mentalities of the company.

However, it is unfortunately very common that these internal employees already have other tasks to deal with and now also have to carry the responsibility for digitalisation. Some companies also recruit fresh graduates from universities and make them responsible for the implementation of digital challenges. These are the right prerequisites for establishing the New Digital World within the company, but often not enough.

Digitisation is not a sideline project!

Digitisation must be adopted as an essential part of a long-term strategy and firmly established within the company. It involves completely new tasks and requires entirely new skills and cannot be done ” on the fly”. You would not let the controlling or the sales department in your company run “on the side” either, would you? Activities and actions must be conceived, designed and executed across company divisions. A lot of money and time can be lost if you manoeuvre yourself into digital dead ends (e.g. by buying incompatible software) or if you have not taken note of things that come out too late (e.g. compatibility of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and CRM).

What we would love to do for you

I will coach you on your journey through digitalisation (e.g. for 6 months), as I have already done successfully in other companies, and build up your digital team in your company. In this fast and easy way, you can develop your employees into Digital Experts and increase the Digital IQ of your entire team – to strategically overtake your competitors! Out of this Team, you can even pick out your top-trained Chief Digital Officer!

Why we are unique: You are welcome
to compare us with any other service company!

  1. We integrate 24 digital key technologies in team training because we have experienced that the effect of these technologies together outperforms all individual actions by far
  2. All your team members are trained online and offline and receive a certificate from the European Internet Marketing Institute & Academy
  3. Daily up-to-date digitally through scientifically established knowledge by e.g. Harvard Business Manager and MIT and not from obscure sources
  4. International experience with multi-cultural teams: References from over 400 customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Hungary, France, Spain, Italy, Namibia, Greece, Belgium, Netherlands etc.
  5. 25 years of experience with small and medium-sized companies as well as DAX and NASDAQ companies
  6. Academic background through international education and continuing professional development, you do not need a computer science degree to understand all technologies and how they can be combined with each other strategically because we speak the language you understand!
  7. Fair prices, because we are an agile and lean company!
  8. Exclusive: With us, you are VIP and never just a number
  9. High ethical and moral values that are really being practised
  10. This assignment is a calling, not just any job. We love CDO!

Here are the 24 key technologies: Who else in the market can offer you a digitization strategy that integrates all these technologies?

3D Printing, Automation, BigData & SmartData, Blockchain, Crowdfunding & Finance, Cybercrime & Security, Digital Leadership, Digital Disruption, Digital Society, Digital Branding, Digital Marketplaces, Digital Transformation, Digital Marketing, Digital Law, Drone Technology, eCommerce & Digital Trade, HR, Work & Teams 4.0, Industry & Factory 4.0, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Sustainability & Environment 4.0,, Nanotechnology, Robots, Virtual & Augmented Reality

Sanjay Sauldie is a member of the digital expert network UDE.EXPERT

My calling as “The Digital Angel”

In order to develop an optimal strategy, it is important to have an external “digital angel” at your side, someone who has many years of experience in managing and implementing transformation processes and knows many other industry-specific challenges. With this wealth of knowledge, experience and opportunities, we can develop your optimal strategy for your business. Sanjay Sauldie is a member of the expert portal UDE.EXPERT and has extensive experience in building high performing digital teams in companies.

Many small and medium-sized companies, as well as corporations and DAX/NASDAQ companies, rely on my know-how. You can save time and money with my contributions, because I develop a feasible and affordable roadmap together with you and your team and then implement it together with you. I see myself as a bridge between the analogue and digital world and combine the best of both worlds.

Companies that appreciate our know-how:

Roman Slapansky, Company Owner: TOP spol.s.r.o.

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Testimonial: Roman Slapansky, Company Owner: TOP spol.s.r.o.

To learn about Rank Brain, https (Safety), SNAP Plugin for World Press (Free), SNAP Api Library, Affiliate Program. Sanjay is ...

R. Louer, Head of global Communication, SU Consumer: Bostik

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Zoe Tan, Marketing: WD-40 Company

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Vince Bowden, Director of Sales: Briggs & Stratton EMEA

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The worldwide unique formula for success TRANSRUPTION®.

Digital TRANSformation and DisRUPTION
in one Digital Strategy

The combination of academic theory with business practice: Faster in just 7 steps
to your digital goals

Based on the experience of more than 25 years, the following procedure is the best way to start our mutual digital journey:

  1. Getting to know each other: We arrange an appointment at your location, where all necessary decision-makers are on board. At this 2-4 hour audit, we define together what the long-term digital goals of your company are.
  2. Kick-off workshop: In this workshop, we bring together responsible people from different departments of your company. On this day all ideas and requests are allowed. Together we start the TRANSFORMATION CYCLE.
  3. Transruption® implementation plan: After the workshop, we will define your individual strategy and start the implementation. The plan is constantly updated and optimized to your needs.
  4. Building a digital team: We are constantly looking for new digitally motivated employees in your company who are seriously interested and enjoy working together (regardless of the work area, i.e. working together across silos.
  5. Regular video conferences and live meetings to ensure a high impact implementation: During these meetings, the projects are coordinated, the KPIs are queried and the next steps are coordinated.
  6. High Performing Team and CDO: Steps 3 to 5 are carried out iteratively, so that at the end of the project you have an optimally trained and highly motivated Digital Team together with a project manager who can be your next CDO.
  7. Mission Possible: In this case, we say goodbye to the team and you have built up a powerful internal team that can steer the future of your company in the digital world.Fast-Mover Audit

Many companies then invite us once or twice a year to discuss the new developments and bring the Digital Team up to date – and also to share what successes have been achieved after the mentoring. Many employees and managers have already benefited from this process – through knowledge and also in career progression.

Digitisation without values is useless

I have learned to learn only from the best and to work only with the best – and you?

Sanjay Sauldie with Alistair Bruce (former Senior Director Google Germany)
Sanjay Sauldie with OBI founder Prof. Maus
Sanjay Sauldie with Günther Hermann Oettinger (former EU Commissioner for Digital Economy)
Sanjay Sauldie with Petri Kokko (Managing Director Branding and Consumer Markets at Google Germany)
Sanjay Sauldie with Andreas Kerschner (Category Group Leader at Alibaba Group)

Let us work together to incorporate excellent know-how from renowned universities where I studied to improve your business model:

Only watching or participating in webinars is useful for further education and information. However, it does not change much in your everyday business life. You may learn the theory, but what happens if you don’t have someone at your side who actively leads, designs and then manages this implementation in your company to achieve the goal? Giving this task to only a few team members and not having it reviewed and optimized by an external neutral expert leads to a loss of time and money. You do not have to make your own expensive experiences anymore!

My task is to support your team as a mentor for all questions concerning digitalisation and to push the implementation together with the team. This Digital Team is trained through offline and online training as well as issue-specific according to individual requirements – and this increases the Digital IQ of the team.

This knowledge then can be carried by each team member into his working environment. All team members are certified by the European Internet Marketing Institute & Academy.

We believe that an effective CDO is above all an innovator and stimulator. He adds value by looking at digital assets – both inside and outside the company – through the lens of commercial goals and using this resource to invent solutions to business challenges. Innovation and digitisation often come at the cost of day-to-day business.

A good CDO helps close this gap. Our job is to take responsibility for innovation and develop the business models for you that drive your product development and change to generate more revenue from new customers and make the most of the opportunities of the digital world.

Having only the information and understanding is worthless if the implementation is missing. So we decided to create something unique, something with great value for our customers and something that will be part of the digital future in every country. Implementing a successful digital strategy for a complete, often quite complex business environment is much more than just watching videos or attending webinars, if nothing changes in the digital culture of the company. 

Our exceptional guarantee: ethics & values

When we work for your company,
we do not take any assignments 
of a direct competitor or rival.

24 key technologies linked together in one strategy: Profit from them: TRANSRUPTION

Sanjay Sauldie, the President of the European Internet Marketing Institute in Mannheim (eimia®) has developed a comprehensive toolbox in the form of TRANSRUPTION® in his final thesis at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloane Business School. With TRANSRUPTION®, companies can expand their strategic positioning on the markets and continue to exist in the age of digitalisation in the long term. His book is now available on AMAZON (only German yet, translation due to come in August 2020).

Sanjay Sauldie has studied at various universities such as the University of Maryland, Northwestern University, University of Salford and MIT Sloan Business School. Here he gained his knowledge about the true secrets of winners in the digital world and also why companies fail in the emerging arena. His master’s thesis disrupted Porter’s Five Forces model and can be requested from him as a pdf file. Just get in touch with him using the form below:

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