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Transruption Meisterklasse

TRANSRUPTION® Meisterklasse! (DE)


In unserer Video-Reihe zur TRANSRUPTION® Meisterklasse decken wir alle Themen der Digitalisierung. Sie erfahren wie Sie im Zeitalter der Digitalisierung die Marktposition halten und weiter ausbauen können.


Jeden Monat erscheinen 1 bis 2 neue Kurseinheiten. Zum Vorzugspreis in Höhe von € 499,- sichern Sie sich den Bezug der Kurseinheiten für die Dauer von 12 Monaten. Einen Monat vor Ende der Laufzeit erinnern wir Sie daran, dass Ihre Meisterklasse endet. 

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inspire your team as well as your customers


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Improve your Digitization-knowledge for a career jump. Take part in our Online-Courses and our community and make a knowledge exchange with others. You will be able to learn all about digitization – we promise you that we haven´t forgotten any digitization topic. You get the full range!

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And the best of all: you are not alone. Together with the other members, you are strong – you can discuss with them – and your knowledge will increase rapidly! So you will survive the digitization age and you will definitely make a career jump. So, take your time and look at our online courses and ebooks. If you like you can also only become an iROI-Member and discuss with others. No matter what you decide. You will definitely improve your digitization knowledge


Karin Schloß and Sanjay Sauldie conceived the EIMIA Academy to facilitate digitalization in a way that is transparent and understandable for everyone. We see our platform as a springboard for companies, employees, students, and private individuals who want to actively and responsibly shape the future.
Just standing on a springboard and looking around won’t get you anywhere!

Your Advantages at a Glance

Reliable & high-quality

You receive reliable, high-quality information pre-filtered for you from the intransparent jungle of the infinite Internet – you save yourself the tedious compilation and checking of the variety of sometimes contradictory statements on the Internet and often redundant sources.

Certified & compact

You receive certified, compact knowledge in the shortest possible time – you save yourself valuable time because the information is researched to the point, does not contain any marketing jargon and thus remains comprehensible, so that you can grasp everything you need to know quickly.

Understandable Language

Because we always train ourselves at international universities and have a lot of practical experience, you will receive the best content in an understandable form at eimia.academy.


You receive up-to-date information because our content is constantly updated, so you are always up to date with the most important changes – so you can participate in discussions, meetings and meetings and competently give new impetus.

Lifetime Access

You will have a lifetime Access to all course you are enrolled - learn however and whenever you want!


You will never be confronted with the usual jargon of many agencies or trainers, but will receive all information in comprehensible english.